What is Odin's Rune?

Let's start with who is Odin:

Odin is the Old Norse God of War, Death, Poetry, and Wisdom.  He sacrificed his eye in exchange to see everything that happens in the world, he is the gatekeeper of Valhalla, where when warriors die in battle, they may enter his hall. 

Now, what is a Rune? 

Runes were used to contact the dead, for protection, good luck, and safety. They were used for divination and as a means of contacting other planes of existence.

Odin's Rune was founded for the following reason, we think the Old Norse culture exemplifies what it means to be connected with community, spirit, and adventure.  The Vikings were people built on discipline, loyalty, and a genuine curiosity to explore the world, but always loyal to their inner calling.  In our society today we have become addicted to convenience, instant gratification, and comfortability, nothing like the old ways. 

For those that are a warrior in spirit, that sacrifice for their families and communities like Odin, those who seek adventure like the Vikings, and those who turn to the divine for protection... we made this for you to be a part of the old ways in a modern world.