Who was the greatest Viking King?

Determining the "greatest" Viking king can be subjective and dependent on various criteria such as military conquests, political influence, cultural impact, and historical significance. Several Viking kings have left a lasting mark on history due to their accomplishments and leadership. Here are a few Viking kings who are often considered among the most significant: Ragnar Lothbrok: Ragnar is a legendary Viking figure whose historical existence is debated. He is said to have been a Norse chieftain and legendary hero known for his exploits and adventures, which are recounted in various sagas and tales. While the historicity of Ragnar remains uncertain, his legendary status and impact on Viking culture are undeniable. Harald Fairhair (Harald Hårfagre): Harald Fairhair is often credited with uniting Norway under his rule during the 9th century. He is considered the first King of Norway and played a crucial role in shaping the early Norwegian monarchy. Cnut the Great (Canute): Cnut was a Danish king who ruled over a North Sea empire that included parts of England, Denmark, Norway, and areas in Scandinavia during the 11th century. His reign marked a period of significant political and military influence, and he is known for his efforts to create a unified realm. Erik the Red: Erik the Red was a Norse explorer and chieftain who is credited with establishing the first Norse settlements in Greenland during the 10th century. His voyages and leadership played a pivotal role in the Norse exploration and colonization of new lands. Olaf Tryggvason: Olaf Tryggvason was a Norwegian king who ruled during the late 10th century. He is known for his efforts to convert Norway to Christianity and for his role in consolidating political power. Rollo: Rollo, also known as Hrolf, was a Norse chieftain who became the first ruler of Normandy (in present-day France) during the 10th century. He is the ancestor of the Norman dynasty and played a significant role in the history of the region. It's important to note that the Viking Age spanned several centuries and encompassed numerous leaders and rulers who made their mark in different ways. The perception of "greatness" can vary based on cultural, historical, and personal viewpoints. Each of these Viking kings contributed to the complex tapestry of Viking history and left their legacies in the pages of history and the collective memory of the cultures they influenced.

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